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Thrills and Thanks You’s

I hate writings that start with “The Webster Dictionary defines … “ If I wanted to know what a word meant, I would have Googled it and found more definitions than dear old Webster’s (unfortunately). However there’s a word in O Holy Night we all know and quote well.

“the thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices”

A word like weary has to be felt. It’s in a different category than tired. Or sleepy. It’s all of those plus some. It’s when you’re sleepy, and tired, and hurt, and heartbroken, and you’re not quite to the numbness phase but you’re getting there.

So that’s how Rebecca Oswell’s heart defines “weary”. Take that Webster.

Thrills & Thank You's.jpg

I walked into 2014 with the goal to come out a lot less weary and little more healed. I had no expectations, map or guide to the goal, but I knew that’s what I wanted.

And the Lord took this tiny dream, set it on fire and gave it a purpose. I could fill pages telling you the intricate ways the Lord led me through this year.

But when you boil it down, it starts and ends with people.

I learned what C.S. Lewis meant when he writes “Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . ." People came in and out of my path and sought out glimpses of my story. They paved the way for my moments of vulnerability and bravery. And although I thought healing was going to look like a jagged mountain, it ended up looking more like an inviting sidewalk.


My own thrill of Hope.

This kind of hope "keeps us alive during dark times of adversity."

So here's to you. Here is a giant Thank You to those who took part in healing my weary self this year. Thank you for those who let me fall apart on your couches. Thank you for the late night phone calls full of irrational thoughts and tears. Thank you for listening to me on the side of the road in Brazil. Thank you for those who sat with me while you dipped your hands in Lavender Marshmallow. Thank you for sitting with me across booths & at kitchen tables. Thank you for showing me how to discern what to hold on to, and what's just not worth it anymore. 


Thank you for proving time & time again, I didn’t have to carry everything alone.

The reason I can enter 2015 a little less weary is because you took the time to listen to me, to show grace to me, and to point me back to the Hope.

And from the bottom of my heart,

Thank You.


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