Pricing Details 

Custom Cookies

Standard Custom Set - Cookies 3in and larger cookies.1-5 basic shapes, up to 5 colors, optional metallic detailing on majority of cookies, more elaborate designs and details. This includes most logos, characters, emblems. These are the most common sets, great for showers, weddings, events, etc - $42/dozen

Other details: 

- All cookies come individually packaged for safety and freshness

- Cookie orders of a dozen or more come packaged in a box with a tester cookie. 

- Cookies with 6+ colors and/or intricacy of logos or details - Pricing may vary  


Pick up locations for cookies are Brook Highland shopping center, The Summit or The Colonnade. When ordering cookies, please include what pick up location works best for you!


Cookies Kits

Standard Cookies Kits - $25.00 and can be themed depending on the event( i.e Summer or Spring boxes, boy/girl - themed boxes, Holiday themed boxes). Each box includes 10 non-decorated cookies, 4 icing colors, a bag of sprinkles and basic instructions.


Custom Cookies Kits These can be customized to events and can come cheaper depending on the cookie amount, etc - Happy to discuss options for birthday parties or other events. 



Birthday Parties · Virtual Events · Girls Night Outs 

Classes include a customized cookie box for each person, and live instruction via in person or virtual - $35 per person 



These yummy delights are bite size and provide a gluten free option. Strawberry and Coconut are my go to flavors, but if you have one you'd like, I'd love to make some for you! $24/dozen

Custom Cookies Birmingham, AL

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