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A few months ago they needed volunteers to host a group every month for a new ministry called Tables. It’s essentially generations of women getting together monthly to talk about Jesus. And as someone who knows everything about scripture, I graciously offered to host.

LOL Just Kidding, making sure y’all were paying attention.


I was basically like "please pick me to have people come and tell me more because I need this!"


The other night, when talking about discipleship, we started talking about how our views on God have changed over the years.

One of the ladies mentioned that she was raised in a home that was very legalistic. She said it took her while to break away from the feeling that God wasn’t mad at her and that when bad things happened to her, it wasn’t because she was being punished.

She said, “I experienced so much freedom, when I finally realized no good thing I did I could make God love me more than he already does, and no mistake I made would make him love me any less.”

Sometimes life moves so fast that I tend to forget this very basic concept. I forget it's a gift. I get in the "measure up" mode and want to do all the things I can to earn it. That as a believer, I’m already loved in a whole and complete way, no strings attached.

Hannah B. left the Bachelor on Monday (sorry, not sorry if you haven't watched it, you are more than two days late and it's free game now). She’s crazy as all get out and has a smile a mile wide but the girl got DEEP leaving The Bachelor on Monday.

“ I will not allow myself to not feel chosen every single day”

I know we’ve heard this a million times. But we’re also easily influenced by a world harping on us that it’s the opposite.
So this isn’t long; it isn't wordy. It’s just some truth you may need to hear again.

This is for you, for the someone out there who’s exhausted from trying to play the part and be the right thing. Who’s tirelessly trying to make amends with the wrongs they’e done. No more amount of good will make the Father love you anymore, because he loves you that much.

And for those who feel unforgivable, who feel hypocritical, and who feel unlovable - no amount of mistakes can keep you from the Father loving you any less.


No good thing you do can make God love you more than he already does, and no mistake you make will make him love you any less.

You are loved, and you are chosen and you can live without the pressure of continuing to measure up.


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