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I recently told a friend some really hard news. The story was 3 years coming. She knew some of it, but I never really told her the whole story. I wept & I stammered through words until eventually she just stopped me. Before I started, she said “You're my best friend. Whatever you tell me doesn’t change that. If you tell me you murdered someone, I'm going to tell you that I'm going to be there every Sunday during visitation hours to see you.” So I had nothing to fear. She wasn’t going anywhere, she just wanted me to tell her ( and if you must know, I didn’t murder anyone).

I often wonder why I need to be so deeply invested & committed to prayer, when the Lord already knows what’s happening. Me telling Him isn’t new news for Him. He knows and He predestined it, so why does He want His people to keep telling Him?


I picture this conversation a lot like our prayer lives. The Lord knows. He’s figured it out and nothing we tell him is going to blindside Him. He knows the crevasses of your heart. He sees the cracks in the beautifully worded story you tell people.  But there is something really special & intimate about us telling Him.That we are giving Him the praise & the credit when prayers are answered. That we are taking the time to invite Him in to ask for help, or healing, or counsel. That we're just showing up to let Him know that things aren't okay.

And that we believe that when we tell Him, He’s not running away & He isn't going to suddenly leave us. It’s not end.


That we will be met with so much grace our hearts will hardly know what to do with it all.

If we love the Lord, then prayer is our connection with Him. And sometimes we are too fearful or too prideful to give Him the glory. But when we bring it to the Lord willingly, we win the battle. Because half the battle is just being alone in it.

Remind yourself, that the Lord does know. He knows the good things that are happening & he knows the ugly ones.


Remind yourself that He isn’t going anywhere when you tell Him. He’s going to meet you where you are, hold your hand, and walk you through.


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