Sugar Bakings

Welcome to Sugar Bakings! 


My name is Rebecca Pilgreen, and I'm the girl behind the cookies. This journey started when I kept seeing those cookie videos pop up on social media and thought, I could do that! 


After a few months of working on a cookie + icing combo, I've landed on some good recipes and techniques for decorating. It's been a lovely creative outlet for me...



Sugar Bakings is located right here in Birmingham and custom bakings are available for events, grand openings, birthday parties and more! Click the Gallery tab to see previous order designs! 


Cookie Kits

Cookie Kits are customizable. You, your family and friends can enjoy decorating them however you'd like! 

Custom Cookies

Custom cookies for events, weddings, showers, graduations, holidays and more! 


Have a special event in mind - I'd love to create some for you! 


These yummy delights are bite size and provide a gluten free option. Strawberry and Coconut are my go to flavors, but if you have one you'd like, I'd love to make some for you! 


Custom Cookies Birmingham, AL

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